Where others
fear to tread,
we deliver.

We help ambitious businesses tackle sophisticated technological problems,
in any shape and role necessary.

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Some of the people who trust us their challenges:

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What we do

We come from various exceptionally demanding industries - finance, telco, TV broadcast,
critical infrastructure and information security. We love solving hard problems and building awesome products.
We help banks & financial organisations, broadcast networks, software companies, retail networks with their engineering challenges.
We assist and support startups during take-off in industries where we have enough competence.


Technology research

We are no strangers to big data, embedded & IoT, syncronized hardware systems, high availability infrastructures and cybersecurity.

We help companies build their business advantages by researching technological solutions.


Software development

Would you like us to write some code for you? We will bring development management, ops, UI and QA to the table, too. Apart from broad general development experience, we have a lot of field expertise in financial services, govtech, telecom and broadcast.


Operating solutions

Sometimes building great software is not enough and you need experienced engineers to operate your bespoke software solutions.

We can staff operational / developer support team and comply to strict SLAs for you.


Startup takeoff

Launch is a hard endeavor of it's own: we've launched our own startups and helped others to take off theirs. We understand business constraints and risks well, and act accordingly.
We're Agile to move fast, and conservative to move safely.

Industry competencies

  • Banking

    Data enrichment, decision support systems, scoring, data processing pipelines.

  • Fintechs & payments

    PSD2 Implementation (AISP & PISP), transaction automation, risk management automation, dedicated 24/7 development and maintenance teams.

  • Broadcast

    Live systems for in-studio / country-wide audience interaction, graphics automation, media asset management, specialized streaming solutions.

  • Critical infrastructure

    Industrial automation for continuous critical processes, integration of legacy industrial equipment into modern infrastructure, live data acquisition and management.


    Notable projects

    Although we can’t mention customer names, we can freely speak about what we did.

    • tailoring a 24/7 development/maintenance team to create and support existing bank interaction automation tools. AISP/PISP as a service.
    • merging data about bank customers from various silos, normalizing it in real-time that required both database experience and deep understanding of financial domain. We’ve got both, and our enrichment product has been powering decisions in retail loan scoring and other critical banking services.
    • we’ve incubated and launched ultra-low-delay on-set streaming cloud service.
    • for one of top 5 TV news in Ukraine, we completely refactored a web-portal, built newsroom integration to provide automatic bridge between broadcast and web content, built HA layer.
    • realtime graphics system for live broadcast of sports events with programmatic integration to several scoring datasources.
    • we’ve helped incubate a startup that provides low-cost high-efficiency hardware and cloud platform to remotely manage / collect telemetry / process commands for remote production sites.

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